Cookies Policy

KΩNΣTANTINOΣ M. KOΣTA OΠTIKA uses cookies in order to improve user experience on the website 

What are cookies? Cookies are small files containing information which are stored by a website, and more specifically by the web server that hosts the website, on the user’s computer. Every time that a user connects to the website, the latter retrieves the aforementioned information in order to offer the user services that are relevant to this information. Cookies allow users to improve their overall online experience.

Which cookies do we use? Our website utilizes cookies that are necessary for processing and carrying out your online purchases, which function in various ways, e.g. by identifying and/or maintaining the content inserted/explored by users during their individual online visits (session cookies).
For example, certain cookies are necessary for registering users’ purchases on the e-shop (e.g. upon clicking the “add to cart” button).
Similarly, persistent cookies are employed for the same purpose and expire after a short period of a few hours.
Moreover, our website maintains: Cookies necessary for identifying subscribers or users of services that require authentication (e.g. online bank transactions).
Cookies installed with the aim of protecting subscribers or users, such as cookies that identify repeated failed attempts to log in a user’s account on a specific website.

Cookies with multimedia content, such as flash player cookies, during a session on a website.
Such cookies include those installed to allow users to view a video on a website they visit. Cookies necessary for load balancing during a session on a website.
Cookies that “remember” subscribers’ or users’ choices in relation to the display of a website (e.g. cookies that store options concerning the language a website is displayed in or the way search results are presented).

Cookies installed via plug-ins on social networking websites that regulate the sharing of content between logged in, certified member users. In addition, we inform you that, given your consent, certain cookies we use are aimed at online advertising by the website provider itself (first party cookies), as well as by third parties (third party cookies), in order for the advertisements displayed to be personalized and tailored to your preferences.